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The 4th International Amazonian Shamanism Conference: Iquito
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PostWysłany: Sob 15:47, 22 Mar 2008

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" Dear Beautiful People,

I was asked by my friend Alan Shoemaker, organiser of 4th Amazonian Shamanism conference in Iquitos, if I could help spreading the flyer-announcement of this upcoming Shamanism conference.Peru, July 19th - 27th.

As you know, we're in drastically and rapidly changing times right now, and Shamanism is one of the Tools of Hope for humanity.

This 4th Amazonian Shamanism Conference will be opened by the illustrious visionary scientist, Dr. Dennis Mckenna. Other Presenters (with more confirming soon are - That master of sound healing - Dr. Richard Grossman, the Indiana Jones of Amazon Shamanism and noted journalist - Peter Gorman, the most excellent scientfic researcher on brain states while taking ayahuasca - Dr. Frank Echenhofer, the Amazon's most famous visionary painter - Pablo Amaringo, the intrepid Victoria Alexander speaking on her research of Medieval Mysticism and Its Empirical Kinship to Ayahuasca, the very profound Melvin Morse and his research into childrens near death experiences as well as his research on Myths, the renowned Dr. John Alexander and his years of training and research on Remote Viewing, one of the Director's of Eagle's Wing and author Howard Charing, Conference Organizer Alan Shoemaker speaking on 15 years in shamanism, the visionary masters Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman and many mo!
re to be Confirmed.

The list of shamans (curanderos) is coming next and they are the most powerful we can find. There will be approximately 15 different curanderos/shamans giving presentations (all are translated into English by the lovely and erudite Yasmin Grant).

During the Conference Presentations you will have ample opportunities to hear the many shamans speaking alone as well as in panel discussions. It is during this time that you will get a sense of which healer you would like to be in Ceremony with. Especially during the question and answer times. There are three evenings set aside for you to be in Ceremony with the shaman - curandero or your choice. All Ceremonies are held outside of Iquitos, either up or downriver or way out on the Iquitos to Nauta highway and then a short 15 minute walk into the various Compounds.

For those that have never been in Ceremony before, a workshop will be held by Dr. Richard Grossman and Alan Shoemaker so that all of your questions can be adequately answered. The Ceremonies offered are completely voluntary and not in any way a prerequisite of attending the Conference.

There's much more information up on the website and more to come as we confirm more Presenters and Shamans.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] (click on shamanism conference)

You can find the flyer by clicking on following URL/link [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

I hope you will come and can forward it to everybody who may be interested!

all the good things,

Alan Shoemaker and Mariella Noriega "

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PostWysłany: Pią 18:59, 30 Sty 2009

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Tutaj jest link do zbioru wykładów z konferencji. Język angielski/hiszpański. pozdrawiam

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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